Welcome to our Tortoise Home. 

I was introduced to the fascinating world of Tortoise at an early age. As a youngster, at any one point in time, I love to watch tortoise movies no matter what specie so I developed the love for them at my early age.
In fact, I used to pay for all the tortoises books I came across. I would then ride my bike to the drug store, get a money order, and mail it to whichever reptile company I was ordering from at the time. 

Since the 1989’s we have been successfully breeding many different species of Tortoise and we are on of the top  Asian suppliers. We are an independent tortoise shop which supplies Asia part of  USA and some parts of Europe We are involved in many C.I.T.E.S approved breeding projects around the world producing high quality captive bred from baby to fully grown adult tortoises such as Sulcata’s, Leopards, Red foots, Sri Russian  Indian stars and others just to name a few. We always carry other species of tortoises in store, such as Hermans, Marginated and Horsefields, along with Spur thigh tortoises.

We accept all bank transfers, debit cards Cash transfers like western union Money Gram and many more, once the transaction is complete and you receive your pet, these details are deleted and are not stored.
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Whilst we make every effort to maintain correct prices, they do sometimes fluctuate, should a product be incorrectly priced on the website and is chosen in your order, we will not process your order and no charge will be taken from your card until we have contacted you. We will inform you of the revised price and leave it for you to decide whether to continue with your order. 
 We offer other species upon request from customers so do you hesitate to let us know what you prefer. As lovers of tortoise we welcome every inquiry from you.